Pixel Rockets
A unique NFT collection of 500 x hand-drawn Pixel Rockets. Holders receive fractionalized ownership of select satellite imagery from our Terra Collection.


  • Fractional ownership of the historic Terra Collection:
    • (1) x Pixel Rocket = 50% fractionalized ownership of (1) x Terra NFT.
  • Membership to "Orbit", our exclusive Discord Channel:
    • Monthly events
    • Airdrops & giveaways
    • White-listed for future releases
  • Unique access to our upcoming arcade-style game, Oxygen​
  • Yet to be revealed features
*Please note all utility is forfeited upon sale of said NFT/s. Eligibility for fractionalized ownership of the Terra Collection is valid only for holders of Pixel Rocket and/or Capsule collections at the time of select (Terra Collection) minting (date yet to be determined).
Mission Helios Pixel Rockets - Collection | OpenSea
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