Mission Helios
Mission Helios is the first decentralized space community launched on the Ethereum network. The purpose of our mission is to be the catalyst for the democratization of space through utilization of blockchain technology.
As our first foray in the sector, Mission Helios will launch a high-performance camera system attached to the LizzieSat to capture images of earth – stored in an open-source and decentralized manner as Non-Fungible Tokens - a global-first.
Collected data and imagery from the nano-satellite will be available for all to view and license via our metaverse-based Helios Hub, while ownership of the underlying NFTs is incentivized by offering passive income in the form of licensing royalties to holders on a quarterly basis.
This ever-evolving model solidifies a unique vision to remain truly democratized, by providing satellite imagery and data to humanity in un-redacted form, while offering investors the opportunity to not only own a slice of history, but generate passive income through real-world utility.
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