Helios Hub
At Mission Helios, we recognize that education is key to the future of space exploration. And just as we want to democratize access to space technology and exploration, we recognize that we must also democratize access to educational opportunities that inspire the next generation of intrepid explorers.
While our Helios Hub will continually evolve and expand over time, we're please to share with you our first significant step into the sector.

Metaverse-based education

Decentraland Interactive Space Experience
With the implementation of Virtual Reality within Decentraland, coupled with the highly-anticipated release of the Mission Helios Terra Collection, a unique opportunity presents itself to showcase our imagery to the world via our newly-acquired Decentraland-based Helios Hub (currently under development). This provides a new type of user-experience yet to be encountered. A Virtual Reality experience that reflects (select) Mission Helios data transmitted from our satellite in orbit.
More details, including a sneak-peak of the Helios Hub to be revealed soon.
This example of Decentraland's History Museum illustrates what's possible in terms of interactivity between users and data from Mission Helios' satellite.
Decentraland's History Museum
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